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Show Me the Money and an Oriental Trading Review

I have had the opportunity to work with Oriental Trading Company and review some of their materials, which I was able to get using a gift card that they sent me. I want to thank Oriental Trading for being patient with me as certain life events, (being pregnant, extremely sick, and having a baby) have kept me from getting this post out sooner.

The materials I requested were all shipped out in a timely manner and arrived in perfect condition.



I ordered a Dr. Suess hat, red and white striped popcorn buckets, a coin and bill set, and a set of clear colored counters/markers.



I cannot wait to wear this hat next year during Seuss week. It fits perfectly.


These counters/markers will come in handy for during math time in order to help my students with their counting. I will also be using them as marker chips for games such as bingo, which we often play to review various skills.

 100_3911 100_3912

These coins and bills came in handy when we were working on our money unit.

Money Mania Coin Unit21

Students were able to use them as a manipulative to complete their coin centers.


Money puzzles. Students had to match up the coin, number form, and written form of the coin value. Using the coins from Oriental Trading, students were able to physically see the coins and determine which puzzle parts went together.

 100_3711 100_3712

Students matched various coin amounts to the number form and then recorded the value on the recording sheet. Using the coin manipulatives, students then made the coin amount on their own. As an extension activity, they could then try to make the same amount in various ways.

 100_3713 100_3717

Students also completed cut and paste activities to practice matching coins to the written form and number form. They also played a game and had to write the written form of the coin that they spun.

Having the coins from Oriental Trading allowed for the students to have hands on practice using the coins and helped the visual learner be able to complete the activities easier.

I am grateful to Oriental Trading for giving me the opportunity to try out some of their products. The opinions on this post are all my own.


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