Skating Into a New Year

I hope everyone had a very blessed Hanukkah and Christmas. It has been a spectacular time of the year and I have been so blessed. I continue to be amazed at all that God has blessed with me. :)

I have been enjoying my vacation from school very much and even got into the crafty spirit today and whipped up an activity for my kiddos to do when we come back from break.

We will be "skating” into the New Year in style and will be sporting our ice skates. We just got hit with a crazy snow storm today and it is expected to continue throughout the night with cold temps. Many of  my babies will probably be able to go ice skating over break.

This craft comes with several writing templates to usher in the New Year and also comes with winter writing templates as well. You can choose to do many different things with your skates which is what I love about this craft : )


I am in the mood to give this out to someone and would like to have a little contest. The first three people to guess who hosted the Christmas dinner I attended will get this craftivity for free. Please leave your email address. I do moderate my comments so you will not know what anyone before you has said Smile

Have a fantastic night and good luck :)

WINNERS:  The Real Teachers of Orange County, Amanda Lawson, and Cecelia Bartram :) Congrats ladies. I hope you enjoy the craft. You should have an email waiting for you :)

Thanks to everyone who played along. If you did not win you can grab it in my store by clicking on the pictures above :)