No-Prep Basic Skills Printables


Every teacher is sometimes in need of that simple no prep activies they can have on hand for all sorts of reasons. Printables that practice basic skills are great to have on hand and can be used in a number of ways including for, but not limited to, morning work, homework, fast finisher work, or for just some extra practice with a skill. I have a variety of printable packs in my store and they are also available in a bundle for a discounted price. Here’s a sneak peek at all of them.

My alphabet printables pack includes 26 alphabet printable pages to help your students learn/practice their alphabet.

1Cover page

The page includes the following activities:
-Trace and Write the Capital Letter
-Trace and Write the Lowercase Letter
-Draw a picture that begins with the given letter
-Color the pictures that begin with the letter
-Rainbow Write the letter


My number printable pages are set up in a similar way.


This pack includes 21 number printable pages to help your students learn/practice their numbers 0-20.

The page includes the following activities:
-Trace and Write the Number
-Trace and Write the Number Word
-Show the Number on the Ten Frame
-Show the number using tally marks
-Color the given number of pictures for 0-10
-Color the number given amount of base ten blocks for 11-20
-Find and Color the number


My shape printables includes 14 shape printable pages to help your students learn/practice their shapes.

Shape Printables

The page includes the following activities:
-Trace and Write the shape word
-Draw a picture of something like ______.
-Find and color the shape
-Trace the shape.
-Draw the shape

The shapes included in this pack are circle, triangle,square,oval,rectangle,diamond & rhombus,pentagon,octagon,trapezoid,heart,star,parallelogram, and hexagon.


My color word printables includes 22 color word pages (2 per color) to help your students learn/practice their colors and color words.


The first printable page includes the following activities:
-Trace and Write the Color Word
-Draw a picture of something of that color
-Color the pictures that are a specific color
-Circle the color word.

The second set of printable pages have students finding and coloring all pictures that are the color.
The color words included in this pack are:
-grey and gray (both wordings available)

Teacher sheets to identify the pictures used on each sheet are also included.


These days of the week/months of they year printables are differentiated to help meet the needs in your classroom. This pack includes 3 printables for each of the days of the week and months of the year for a total of 57 printable pages to help your students learn/practice their days and months.


There are 3 different printable pages for each month and year.

The one printable page allows students to finish a sentence using the day or month and then draw a picture to match.

The other two printables are differentiated and include the following activities:
-Color the month/year word using a given key code.
-Trace and write the month/year word.
-Cut and paste the letters to form the month/year word. (This activity is differentiated on the two pages. One sheet includes blank spots for students to paste to, while the second sheet shows exactly how to spell the word for students who need more help.)


And if you are looking to get all of them and want a discount you can purchase them in a bundle for a discounted price :)

Bundle Cover

Veterans Day Thematic Unit & Flip Book

Veterans Day is just around the corner. Here is a closer look at all that is included in my Veterans Day unit. You can find each of the files mentioned in this post by clicking on any of the pictures.
Miscellaneous Writing Prompts, Graphic Organizers, and Graphs including supplies to create classroom charts
7 different military "Dear Veteran" letter writing pages that feature 7 different military branch clipart images
Dear Veteran Writing Sheet
Interview a Veteran writing page and Veterans Day Comprehension Sheet
Veteran Labeling Posters (Color and B&W) and 3 differentiated student labeling activities
Branches of the Military and Vocabulary Cards
All About Veterans Day classroom "Big" Book featuring real life pictures and a student black and white little reader that is offered two to a page and reads exactly as the colored classroom Veterans Day book does so students are able to follow along.
My Veterans Day flip-flap book is a great addition to my Veterans Day Thematic unit and can be bought separately HERE.  2 versions of the book have been provided to best suit the needs of your class and can be used for differentiation within the classroom.

This flip book is 6 pages long including the cover. Students will have the opportunity to complete the following pages:
-What is Veterans Day?
-When is Veterans Day observed?
-How is Veterans Day observed?
-What is a Veteran?
-Characteristics of a Veteran

The one set of pages includes pre written sentence starters for students to complete on kid writing lines. The second set of pages includes blank space for students to complete on their own.