President’s Day Resources

I have said it a couple times before, but man is this month FULL of things to be teaching our little ones. I know many have had ALOT of snow days which makes it even harder to get everything in that they need to.
With President’s Day coming up, I wanted to share with you a little peek inside my President’s Day unit.
This pack is structured like all my other themed units and also includes a bonus patriotic heart craft.
Seeing what the kids write using these writing prompts is always so fun. These prompts/pages allow students to use their imaginations and get as creative as they want.
All my units contain various graphic organizers for you to use to help build schema for your unit. I feel it is necessary to continue supplying these types of organizers to my students in order to help with comprehension of information they are being presented. If we continue to offer these types of resources it will lead to them being able to independently use these skills on their own while reading and learning, which will lead to better comprehension of text and information.
An activity I have been adding to all my units is a one page reading comprehension passage. It includes 3 comprehension questions on the bottom for students to answer. All answers can be found within the text. You can have students color code the information they found to answer the question with the question in order to encourage students to make sure their answer is correct. One is provided for both Washington and Lincoln.
One of my favorite activities I include in my units is a labeling activity. Various options are provided to allow for differentiation within the classroom. A colored and black and white poster for both Washington and Lincoln is provided to discuss the parts of as a whole group and to then display during your unit. 3 differentiated student labeling activities are also provided for each president: one cut-and-paste activity, one fill-it-in using the word bank, and one fill-it-in with no word bank.
This unit also includes some fact sheets students can fill in. The information needing to be filled in can be learned using the reader included in the pack, but there are many sources to find the information as well.
Students will also love the colorful, vibrant, real life pictures in the classroom “big” book. They will be able to follow along with the black and white student reader. They will love having their very own book, just like the teacher :)
DSCN1923 (3)
The pack also consists of directions and materials to make this Patriotic Heart craft (this craft takes some time and needs a lot of attention to detail so make sure your students are able to follow directions well.)
Looking for more President’s Day resources and cute ideas? Check out my President’s Day board on Pinterest.
To find my unit in my store, you can click on any of the pictures in the post or you can find it by clicking HERE.
I hope you were able to find some ideas that you can use to help teach your student’s about President’s Day. Have a good week friends and stay warm wherever you may be reading from. :)

Promoting Kindness at Valentine’s Day

We are definitely getting stir crazy around here with all of the snow, which tends to bring out the not so pleasant in my little sweeties. I am sure many, if not all of you, can agree at one time or another. 
When I was creating my craft for Valentine’s Day I started thinking about what I wanted students to get out of it. Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. We should always show love and kindness to one another, not just on Valentine’s Day, but what a great week/day to actually make it known in the classroom. This got my wheels turning and that is when my Valentine’s craft/idea was born.
This pack can serve many purposes in the classroom. Not only is it a cute little Kangaroo craft, but you can also use it to help promote kindness in the classroom. Students can work to compile the craft and then throughout the week you can have them write random kindness notes to each other and fill their kangaroo pouches with notes. Then at the end of the week, during your Valentine’s parties you can have students read the notes from their classmates. 
In addition to having students write notes of kindness, you can hold discussions about being bucket fillers instead of bucket dippers. Create class anchor charts to show ways you can be both and stress the importance of being a bucket filler. Even if you have already done this during the year, it never hurts to go back and remake the charts. You may never know what your students will come up with now that they have been with their classmates and you as a teacher.
This is also a great time to have a class discussion about bullying. I know a lot of schools have an anti-bullying type of program in place and require teachers to hold weekly/monthly meetings in their classroom to discuss what bullying looks like and what you should do if you are faced with bullying.
You can find my Bucket Filler Pinterest board HERE. It doesn’t have much on it, but I plan to add to it as I find things. 
You can check out this little craft (which can be customized for a boy (bowtie) or girl (hair bow)) by clicking on any of the pictures below or by clicking HERE. It includes all the pieces to create the craft, directions for use in the classroom, a Valentine’s Word Search, and an Acts of Kindness brainstorm worksheet. If you use it, I would love to hear how you used it in your classroom.
DSCN1903 (2)
Girl with hairbow
DSCN1905 (2)
Boy with bowtie