Apples! Apples! Apples!

Happy almost Fall friends. It’s been a while. Life has been crazy and things have been changing around these parts, but I will save that for another post sometime soon.


I wanted to take the time to share some of my favorite Apple Themed/Johnny Appleseed resources with you. Apples is one of my most favorite things to teach and I cannot wait until my little girl is a bit older so we can start having all sorts of apple themed fun.


teaching with apples pic 1


The apples unit is such a fun hands on unit to teach. It is a thematic unit you can teach across the curriculum. Sorting apples is math. Testing the sinking/floating capabilities is science. Learning about Johnny Appleseed is history/social studies. Reading stories is literature. Now that is my kind of unit to teach.


One of the many activities that is great to do for any unit, is using graphic organizers. Teaching our students to organize their thoughts is a vital skill that they will need throughout life.




My thematic units include individual student graphic organizers as well as chart parts to complete the organizers as a class.




Labeling is a great skill for students to practice. Colored and black and white posters are included as well as two student labeling activities for both Johnny and Apples to allow for differentiation among students.






The Classroom “Big” books and student readers both read the same. The full colored version of the books (one for apples and one for Johnny) included real life pictures to make learning more fun. The student readers are in black and white to allow your students to follow along and then take the story home with them.




Real life pictures are a feature among the posters and vocabulary cards included in this pack. Vocabulary cards for Johnny Appleseed include clipart by the very talented Melonheadz.




The unit also includes a variety of different ways to complete an Apple Life Cycle activity. An individual student cut-and-paste activity, as well as a colored and black and white version to complete an apple life cycle poster, are included. This will allow you as the teacher to use which one works best for your students and your classroom.




My most favorite part of the entire apples unit is being able to complete hands on activities with the students. Students LOVE using apples and when they realize they are actually learning their little minds are blown :) This section of the unit includes a variety of different pages to perform a variety of different apple investigations. Students will have the opportunity to bring in an apple from home in order to help complete the activities. A letter to parents asking for apples is included. Students will work on sorting the apples, determine if the apples sink or float, determine if the apple seeds sink or float, taste 3 different colors of apples to see which is the class favorite, poll the class on their like/dislike of apple pie, make predictions, and more. Graphing pages and classroom chart/graph parts are included in the unit. An apple investigations booklet is also included (2 to each page) so students can compile all of their data/findings in one easy to locate place. This book also includes pages for students to describe an apple using their 5 senses.




Students get to use various forms of writing throughout the unit as well. They will get to make crock pot applesauce (recipe included) as well as read and write about their apple and apple sauce making experience. A family involved class apple pie recipe book activity is included that you can choose to do with your class as well.


To finish off our apple unit, we love to make crafts and I recently created a Johnny Appleseed that I cannot wait to make with my little girl someday. He is in a separate pack and can be found by clicking on the picture below.


johnny with logo


This unit pack is 144 pages long and PACKED with hands on learning fun. You can find it (and see a detailed preview of the file) in my TPT store by clicking on the picture below or any of the pictures above. I hope that you can find some inspiration for you classroom studies on Apples.



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Classroom Decor/Management Packs Available

I wanted to take a second to share with you all of my classroom decor and management packs with you. I know summer is the time teachers prepare for the new year so I wanted to give you time to prepare these packs if these are the themes in your classroom this year.
My favorite set is all of my Pirate themed items.
Pirate Bundle
These items are available individually or as a bundle:
My Frog Themed Set:
frog bundle
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My Beach Themed Set:
Beach Bundle
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Other Decor Packs Available:
themed classroom decor snapshot

Want a chance to win one of my decor sets/management bundles? Leave a comment below telling me which set you would like (it CAN be a management bundle if you wish) and I will choose someone to win on Wednesday, July 9th. For an extra entry pin one of the pictures in the post and include the pinterest url as a separate comment. Spread the word :)

The winner of the decor pack is Lisa. Lisa Please check your email for your pack :) Thanks everyone for playing along!!!

Booking Across the USA: Pennsylvania

I am excited to be a part of the second Booking Across the USA project. I am representing Pennsylvania. Thank you to Jodie from Growing Book By Book for initiating this project. How cool is it to get a glimpse into each state and also walk away with tons of activities to use when learning about the states. You can check out all of the participating blogs by going to the landing page on Jodie’s blog HERE.  You can also enter to win a set of all the books used by the bloggers for this project.

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and actually grew up around the good ol' groundhog himself: Punxsutawney Phil!!!

Here is a collage of all of the Phil statues that are scattered around the town.
Picture1 (2)

For this project, Blue Apple Books graciously donated books to all the participants to use as a guide for our project. Since, Pennsylvania is located in the Northeastern part of the United States, I received the Northeast book.

booking usa image

Pennsylvania is known as “The Keystone State.” Our capital is Harrisburg. One very important city in Pennsylvania is Philadelphia. It was in Philly, short for Philadelphia, that the Declaration of Independence was signed, where Besty Ross made the first American flag, and where the first public zoo was located.

While reading the book page about Pennsylvania, and looking at the pictures, I was curious as to why The Slinky Factory was listed. Come to find out, Pennsylvania is the home of the Slinky Factory that actually made the very first slinky. I was so amazed at this and couldn’t believe that I learned something about our state that I didn’t know. I have been to Hollidaysburg, where the Slinky Factory is located, and never once knew this about the town. One can never be too old to keep learning.
I created a small pack that you can use when learning about Pennsylvania. You can check it out by clicking on the picture below. In this pack you will find 2 graphic organizers to help you teach/learn about Pennsylvania, 2 fact sheets that lists various important facts about the state, and an interactive notebook activity that focuses on all of the very important landmarks in the state.


Thanks so much for stopping by and catching a glimpse into Pennsylvania. I hope this freebie activity pack is useful for you when teaching/learning about Pennsylvania.  I would love to have you follow along with more for more exciting adventures in teaching. You can follow FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM (@mynotsoelementarylife), BLOGLOVIN, and PINTEREST.

Show Me the Money and an Oriental Trading Review

I have had the opportunity to work with Oriental Trading Company and review some of their materials, which I was able to get using a gift card that they sent me. I want to thank Oriental Trading for being patient with me as certain life events, (being pregnant, extremely sick, and having a baby) have kept me from getting this post out sooner.

The materials I requested were all shipped out in a timely manner and arrived in perfect condition.



I ordered a Dr. Suess hat, red and white striped popcorn buckets, a coin and bill set, and a set of clear colored counters/markers.



I cannot wait to wear this hat next year during Seuss week. It fits perfectly.


These counters/markers will come in handy for during math time in order to help my students with their counting. I will also be using them as marker chips for games such as bingo, which we often play to review various skills.

 100_3911 100_3912

These coins and bills came in handy when we were working on our money unit.

Money Mania Coin Unit21

Students were able to use them as a manipulative to complete their coin centers.


Money puzzles. Students had to match up the coin, number form, and written form of the coin value. Using the coins from Oriental Trading, students were able to physically see the coins and determine which puzzle parts went together.

 100_3711 100_3712

Students matched various coin amounts to the number form and then recorded the value on the recording sheet. Using the coin manipulatives, students then made the coin amount on their own. As an extension activity, they could then try to make the same amount in various ways.

 100_3713 100_3717

Students also completed cut and paste activities to practice matching coins to the written form and number form. They also played a game and had to write the written form of the coin that they spun.

Having the coins from Oriental Trading allowed for the students to have hands on practice using the coins and helped the visual learner be able to complete the activities easier.

I am grateful to Oriental Trading for giving me the opportunity to try out some of their products. The opinions on this post are all my own.