Martin Luther King Jr. Thematic Unit

Here is a little sneak peek at my Martin Luther King Jr. Thematic Unit.
Miscellaneous writing prompts and graphic organizer activities are included in this pack. Coordinating pages are included in order to create graphs and graphic organizers as a whole class.
Labeling Activities are my favorite part of all of my units. The labeling section includes a colored and black and white poster as well as 3 differentiated labeling activities to best meet the needs of the students in your class.

Miscellaneous Vocabulary Cards and Posters are also included to help your students understand important words related to Martin Luther King Jr.
My favorite activity in this unit is the Dr. King's Big Words book activity. Students will have the opportunity to pick different word cards, draw a picture, and write a sentence for many different words.
The Martin Luther King Jr. Reader gives valuable information about MLK Jr. and his life. . A colored real life picture reader is provided as a classroom “Big Book” . A Black and white student reader is also provided that follows along with the classroom reader. This will allow students to have their own version with all the MLK Jr. information.

 My coordinating Martin Luther King Jr. flipbook can be purchased separately and goes through important life events during MLK Jr’s life.  The flip book includes two different versions to allow for differentiation.
If you are interested in either of my MLK Jr.  products you can find them by clicking on any of the pictures or links within this post.


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