Monday, December 2, 2013

Gearing Up for December & Winter

As I am sure many of you are already aware TPT is having a Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) sale where you can get 28% off products using the code CYBER. My store is also on sale like many others and I am excited to share with you some of my latest units which will be great for the month of December and throughout the start of the new year.

My sock monkey craft pack is a cute little pack with directions and craft templates to make a sock monkey. You can make him using whatever colors you want, making this pack a great little craft to get out all throughout the year, not just during Christmas time.

My snowman craft and activities pack is structured much like my other unit packs. It includes craft directions and templates to make this cutie pie snowman.

It also includes activity pages to have to students talk and describe things about snowmen including a How To writing activity, KWL and Can/Have/Are charts, label charts and labeling activities, and a couple other writing activities.

I have also been actively working on an Arctic animal unit bundle and have gotten two of the several packs completed. These are also structured like my various other craft and unit bundles and include various materials to help support your classroom instruction on Arctic Animals.

The two Arctic animals units completed and available on sale for the next two days are my Penguins Unit and Craft Pack and my Polar Bears Unit and Craft Pack.

These packs include the following activities plus many more:

Penguin and Polar Bear Crafts
 Penguin Can/Have/Are and KWL charts (including class chart parts)
 How to Catch a Penguin writing activity
 Penguins Fact Sheet students can use to fill in information they learn about penguins.
 Penguin Label Anchor charts (in color and b&w) as well as two labeling activities
 Which animal is your favorite class graph? including chart parts for a class graph
 A penguin reader with facts all about penguins.
 Polar Bear KWL and Can, Have, Are Charts and class chart parts
 Polar Bear Facts sheet students can use to fill in polar bear facts
 Labeling sheets and anchor charts for polar bears
And a polar bear reader. 

These packs can all be seen in the preview and can all be purchased at my store by clicking on any of the pictures above. 

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and happy Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) shopping!!!!

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