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Good cold day to you. What’s the weather like where you are at? –18 degrees here this morning and lots of crazy snow fell over night. The perfect day to curl back up in bed and go back to sleep. Oh wait I have a baby who didn’t allow that :) Good thing she’s cute. Well since I couldn’t curl back into bed this morning, I thought I would share with you some Penguin resources I have as part of my Penguin unit (recently updated to include over 100 new pages) as well as some others I have found and love.
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Seeing what the kids write using these writing prompts is always so fun. These prompts/pages allow students to use their imaginations and get as creative as they want. Seriously, how would YOU catch a penguin?
DSCN1741 (2)DSCN1745 (2)
All my units contain various graphic organizers for you to use to help build schema for your unit. I feel it is necessary to continue supplying these types of organizers to my students in order to help with comprehension of information they are being presented. If we continue to offer these types of resources to our students it will lead to them being able to independently use these skills on their own while reading and learning, which will lead to better comprehension of text and information.
penguin gr.Org collage
An activity I have been adding to all my units is a one page reading comprehension passage. It reads exactly as my “big” books and student readers do and includes 3 comprehension questions on the bottom for students to answer. All answers can be found within the text. You can have students color code the information they found to answer the question with the question in order to encourage students to make sure their answer is correct.
DSCN1747 (2)
One of my favorite activities I include in my units is a labeling activity. Various options are provided to allow for differentiation within the classroom. A colored and black and white poster is provided to discuss the parts of penguin as a whole group and to then display during your unit. 3 differentiated student labeling activities are also provided: one cut-and-paste activity, one fill-it-in using the word bank, and one fill-it-in with no word bank.
DSCN1778 (2)
The biggest addition to this unit is the section dedicated to the 17 different types of penguins. I know not everyone has time to study and learn about all 17. I wanted to include enough information for you to be able to pick and choose which types you wanted to take a closer look at.
For each of the 17 different penguin types, there is a colorful 4 page “booklet” included. You can choose to print out the pages you wish to use or just display the pdf using your technology in your classroom. However you choose to use these colorful pages full of real life pictures is up to you as the classroom teacher. A fact book activity that correlates to the information provided for each penguin is also included. Students will learn some fun facts, what the animals eat, how big they are, and where they live.
penguin fact pic
Students will also love the colorful, vibrant, real life pictures in the classroom “big” book. They will be able to follow along with the black and white student reader. They will love having their very own book, just like the teacher :)
PicMonkey Collage
And you just have to have a craft to finish off the unit. I just love this little guy. Penguins are so stinking cute.
DSCN1862 (2)
I also have a Penguin Types flip book that includes pages for each of the 17 different penguin types. You can check it out by clicking on the picture. It is a separate product.
One can never have too many penguin books either right? Here are some of my favorites, both fun and informational. The links provided are Amazon affiliate links.
12 penguin books2
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