New Adventures

In March of 2014 my world changed forever when my sweet baby girl was born. Fast forward 9.5 months to today. How can my baby girl be 9.5 months already. I don’t even want to talk about the birthday that will be happening in just a couple months time. If we don’t talk about it, she won’t grow up right?

9.5 months ago was the last time I stepped foot in a classroom. It was actually longer than that due to extreme pregnancy sickness my entire 9 months. The day I became a mommy was the day I no longer was a teacher…in a classroom. Now I say, in a classroom, because I am a teacher. I get to be the best kind of teacher in my eyes and that teacher is called MAMA. I get to be my baby girls MAMA, teacher and more. And I get to do it from the comfort of my home and I couldn’t be happier. I miss teaching the little ones, but am so glad that I get to stay home with my sweet girl and watch her grow, because friends, she is growing right before my eyes and most of the time I am way too afraid to blink for fear she is a teenager when I open my eyes.

Even though I am not in the classroom anymore, I still have soo many ideas flowing in my brain and do soo much with my little girl on a daily basis and I want to share it. My eventual goal is to homeschool my daughter and any future babies that come along. I wanted a new fresh place to share the ideas I am currently doing with my little girl, sensory activities, baby play activities, eventual preschool activities etc., so I started a new blog: Mac-n-Taters.


It is here that I will be sharing all the “teachery” things I do with my little girl. Mac-n-Taters was formed as a way for me to share my journey through parenting and teaching my little ones. I strongly believe that it is never too early to start teaching your children and believe that they can learn amazing things when given the opportunity, no matter what the age. I strongly believe play is an important part of learning and you will see a lot of that at Mac-n-Taters. You can read all about what my blog will entail at my first post HERE. I would love to have to hop over and follow along. 

Now I have to brag on the blog designer for my new blog. Parker from PJs Design Laboratory is the man behind the design.


Parker is the UBER talented hubby of Susan from Thank God Its First Grade. I knew exactly the look I was going for and wanted all sorts of stuff added, like drop down menus.  I contacted him and started asking all sorts of questions and friends he made it happen. He researched how to create drop downs for me, made them and installed them.  I am in LOVE with it all. He even helped fix my blog after I severely screwed it up after posting my first post and trying to add something…I call it sleep deprived mommy brain, but others may call it crazy…I will let you decide :) I HIGHLY recommend him if you are looking for a new design. He got it all done so quickly and was the definition of professional!!!

Onto my next adventure, in addition to TPT, my new blogging adventures, and being a full time stay at home mommy, I have also started an Etsy shop for all of my invitation creations. I actually started this back in July and have been slowly adding to it as I go and have time. I would love to have you hop over and check it out and if you are on the hunt for custom invitations or have an idea I would love to hear it. I am always looking for more ideas to create :)


Some of my favorites so far include my Valentine Invitations and my Milk and Cookies Invitation

Slide1 Slide2

Slide1 Slide2

Thank you for following along on all my adventures. I plan to continue My (Not So) Elementary Life as a “filing cabinet” of sorts for my TPT products and showcase others from time to time as well. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to sharing with you and hope you will come follow along with my new adventures :)