Dental Health Resources

February is a jam packed month. Groundhog’s Day, Dental Health Month, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day and possible even something I am missing. All of this in the shortest month of the year. I am going to be sharing an in depth look at my Dental Health unit resources for Dental Health Month so that you can hopefully be prepared for this busy, short month.
This pack is structured like all my other themed units and includes a few extras as well. You can click on any of the pictures to find the unit in my store.
Seeing what the kids write using these writing prompts is always so fun. These prompts/pages allow students to use their imaginations and get as creative as they want. How to writing prompts are great for helping students work through steps of completing something.
All my units contain various graphic organizers for you to use to help build schema for your unit. I feel it is necessary to continue supplying these types of organizers to students in order to help with comprehension of information they are being presented. If we continue to offer these types of resources it will lead to them being able to independently use these skills on their own while reading and learning, which will lead to better comprehension of text and information.
An activity I have been adding to all my units is a one page reading comprehension passage. It includes 3 comprehension questions on the bottom for students to answer. All answers can be found within the text. You can have students color code the information they found to answer the question with the question in order to encourage students to make sure their answer is correct.
One of my favorite activities I include in my units is a labeling activity. This particular unit includes a poster and a craft activity for labeling the parts of a tooth. These templates were created by me based off the diagram I created in PowerPoint of the parts of a tooth.
This unit includes vocabulary and fact posters, various Venn diagram activities for comparing, healthy and unhealthy teeth comparing activities, and teeth cleaning charts/lost tooth certificate.
dental health little reader
Students will also love the colorful, vibrant, real life pictures in the classroom “big” book. They will be able to follow along with the black and white student reader. They will love having their very own book, just like the teacher :)
DSCN1888 (2)
DSCN1883 (3) 
The pack also consists of directions and materials to make this tooth craft. With just a position change of the bow you can make the tooth into a boy or a girl :) I love accordion legged/armed crafts :)
You cannot complete Dental Health month without some reading and these are some great Dental Health books. You can check each of these books out by clicking on the pictures below.
image image image
 image image image
Looking for more Dental Health resources and cute ideas? Check out my Dental Health board on Pinterest.
To find my unit in my store, you can click on any of the pictures in the post or you can find it by clicking HERE.
I hope you were able to find some ideas that you can use to help teach your student’s during Dental Health Month. Have a good week friends and stay warm wherever you may be reading from. :)


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