Hall Pass Linky

I thought I would join in on Reagan’s fun Hall Pass Linky to get the weekend started off :) The hubs and I are patiently waiting for our second offer on our house to be accepted, denied, or countered. We should hear within the next day. I love that our realtor is fast and doesn’t draw the whole process out for weeks :)

So onto the linky:


I will be sharing with you my favorite product, favorite area of my room, transition signal, and how I keep my sanity at work.

P: My favorite product currently has to be my Sight Word and Word Family Read It-Stamp It-Write It pack. It has been a great go to center activity and the kids love to do this as a may do activity after they have completed their center work. The best part is that I can customize it (and you can too if you were to buy it) to fit your needs.


A: Next, my favorite area of my room is my book/library corner. I don’t have any great pictures of the whole area, but I did happen to snap a picture of my themed reading stand.

place the books about the themed discussion for the time being

As you can see, we have been busy learning about Dental Health :) I change this particular shelf out to reflect what we are learning at the time. The kids are allowed to get these books at any time and look through them. It is a great way to keep them interested in what we are learning about.

I also have the books, which will be pulled and placed on the theme rack, stored in containers, on a shelf close by. These were in the classroom before I took over and I never got around to switching out the labels on the bins. Maybe next year I will make them pretty and make them match my theme :) But free was free and I will take it.

bins for themed books

S: I use all sorts of signals for transitions, but my most favorite has to be using our Sight Word of the Day. I have a pack (which is currently deactivated in my store while I do some updates and add to it) that has sight word cards and coordinating activity sheets for each sight word. Each day, or every couple of days, I will switch to a different sight word that we will focus on. This word becomes our sight word of the day. During morning meeting we discuss the sight word and students complete the sight word worksheet. The word is then displayed on our board and is referred to often throughout the day. I then use this word as our transition word. Students know that they are not allowed to move from the carpet or their tables until I say the “magic” sight word. This is a HUGE time saver. I do not have to repeat my directions a million times, my kiddos are not talking while I am talking. It’s a win win for everyone. The kids are learning their sight words and having fun waiting for me to say the word all at the same time. Occasionally, around holidays or during theme months/weeks I will make our word of the day something fun just to mix it up. The kids just long for me to say it. It is so much fun and works wonders for keeping your classroom under control.

S: How do I keep my sanity? Most, mainly my husband, would argue that I lost my sanity long ago and probably will never get it back, but in all honesty I don’t often feel like I am losing my mind. My kiddos are great and our classroom runs very smoothly. There are a few kinder babies who like to push my buttons to see if I will crack, but they soon find out that they are going to lose. If I am ever having a bad day at work though, I turn to Pinterest during my breaks to take away some of the edge. (Apparently Pinterest is a good drug haha) You can check out my boards by clicking on the picture below. I would love to have you follow!!!


When I get home, this amazing guy helps keep me sane.


Sometimes I wonder why he even loves me because friends, I can do some pretty stupid things sometimes. I get so many things going at one time then I just do something completely stupid. More times than not, had I taken a second to think about it I would have made the correct choice, but my brain moves to fast and just goes, as the hubs would say.

Hop over and check out other people’s HALLPASS!!! Smile



  1. Terrific Hall Pass Heidi! Your blog is going to have to go on my sanity list because it is so beautiful and calming! I love it!
    Thanks for linking up friend!!!