Team Teaching Tuesday: A Silly March Rhyming Center

Well as I am sure you are all well aware (who isn’t) that this week is the week we celebrate reading among many other things that shall remain nameless. 

We are reading at least one “silly” book each day this week and making crafts out the wazoo. Let me tell you, I never realize how long One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish really is until I start reading it and can barely make it through because I feel like my throat is going to shut off on me. Man is that book long haha But the kiddos loved it and soaked up every minute of the silliness and rhyming that Suess puts in his books. 

I whipped up a simple silly rhyming center for my kiddos to practice with later in the week to help celebrate the festivities and you can pick it up too by clicking on any of the pictures below. 


Students will practice pairing up birthday cupcakes and candle rhyming words. Cards are available with words and pictures as well as just word cards. 


4 Cut and Paste rhyming extension sheets are also available in the rhyming center pack.
 Students will cut out the words/pictures that rhyme with the picture in the center of the page. My kids love to cut and paste things and they get practice with fine motor skills as well as rhyming skills with this simple activity.

You can grab this from my store by clicking any of the pictures above or the one below. 

I will share some of our other festivities later on. I have to go make the hubby a birthday cake. His birthday is tomorrow and I need his cake cooled to make it the work of art he so desires, aka a lopsided Boston Cream Cake that drips pudding out of every possible spot it can possible drip. Haha
Have a fantastic rest of your week. 

For other reading week activities and copyright friendly teaching packs, hop over and visit my friend Stephanie, at Falling Into First, and check out her Team Teaching Tuesday post. :)


  1. lovin' the rhymes.

  2. This looks great! The cake sounds oh so yummy too!! Keep up the inspiring work.

  3. This looks great! The cake sounds oh so yummy too!! Keep up the inspiring work.

  4. Love the rhymes! We didn't do much for "The Birthday" this year in 4th grade, but I did read some of their favorite books out loud and my pre schooler came home reciting "Green Eggs & Ham", which was adorable! I'm your newest follower! :)
    Pinkadots Elementary