New Year’s Resolutions

In the spirit of the season, I am linking up with my sweet friend Jen, at The Teacher’s Cauldron, for some New Year’s Resolutions.


I have never been one to set resolutions for myself. There was one year that I vowed to exercise every day, but that didn’t work the first day of the new year so I quickly scrapped that. I am more of the kind of person to make monthly goals and try to do it each month rather than a whole year.
But I am willing to try the whole resolution thing out this year, in addition to doing my own monthly goals.

The rules are to post one personal and one bloggy resolution. So here they are:

I will start with my personal goal. I resolve to start spending less on groceries and actually stick to my meal plan for the entire month. Each month I sit down and plan out a month’s worth of meals and then each week I get the groceries for the meals for that week. The problem lies in the fact that the grocery bill is always so high and that then I never end up cooking according to my plan. I have all of these cravings for the different foods at the beginning of the month, but when the day comes to actually cook it I don’t feel like it or I am too tired to stand in the kitchen for that long preparing it so we end up having something really quick (which in turn adds up on the grocery bill because those quickie meals are not cheap). It is just the hubs and I and we spend, what I think, is a crazy amount on groceries each month. I would hate to see our bill when the kidlets arrive. I am always within budget for groceries…I just hope to get that budget lower this year.

My Meal Planning/Grocery List Station :)

And now onto my blogging resolution. I love blogging and the friendships I have formed. I love reading blogs and LOVE to comment on them. The problem: I haven’t seriously sat down and read…and I mean full out read through my google reader…in over 3 months. I have thousands of blog posts to read through and it pains me each day that I haven’t sat down to read them. There are some that I will randomly sit down and read some days, but never like I want to because it just seems to be no time to do it. I vow to do better and actually read and comment on blogs this year…like I did just a couple months ago. I know how awesome it makes me feel when someone comments on my blog. I want them to feel that same love from me that I feel from them when they comment Smile

So there you have it. My personal and bloggy resolution for the year. Do you have resolutions you would like to throw out there for all of us to help you keep accountable for. Run over and link up with Jen and join on the resolution fun!!!


  1. Hi Heidi! I completely agree with you about meal planning! Groceries can be so expensive and I always vow to use up what I have in the pantry or freezer before buying anything else. That's hard though. Glad I found your blog!

    Mrs. Allen’s 5th Grade Files
    Mrs. Allen’s Recipe Files

  2. I like that you plan out your meals. That is a great idea. When it comes time to make food or eat, I just grab what's fast and easy. This means that all of the meals that I shopped for and the food needed for said meals go to waste. I'm thinking maybe if I plan it out, then I will stick to it better. Thanks for sharing!

  3. oooh!!! good personal goal - I need to get back to meal planning too!!
    The Teacher’s Cauldron

  4. I just stumbled on your blog! It is adorable. Best wishes on the 2013 resolutions and reading all those old posts!

  5. So I used to do the whole meal planning thing, and then never want to eat what I planned and waste a lot. I finally accepted that I am an emotional eater. I actually find I do better if I go to the store more often and do not overbuy. I try to plan for only 3-4 days at a time. I actually also do better if I cook a couple things on Sunday, and we have some leftovers during the week. Good luck with the meal planning!
    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  6. I agree that monthly goals are better. Good luck in 2013. Oh...I am a new follower!!

    Kathy O.

  7. We try to plan out meals, but only for a week at a time. We have two kids, but they don't eat much (baby & toddler). I've been trying to cut our bill, too and have found the best way is to buy fresh fruits and veggies, as opposed to packaged foods. We buy meats at Costco and veggies at the grocery store. As soon as we an get rid of baby food and diapers, I'm sure we will save a bunch.