My Oh So Organized Life :)

I know I am a day late for this, but I knew I had to link up with Hope for the Organization Linky. I love things that are organized. I actually organize to destress. It makes me happy to go through and organize things into a nice tidy manner. The only bad thing is that to get organized for me means to make a HUGE mess first. But the end result is always pretty :)

Real pictures are lacking for this chick and her classroom so some things you are going to just have to visualize. Haha

In order to organize student testing data, I use the back of my lesson plan binder. Each student has a tab and behind that tab I keep all of the reports from their testing I do with each one of them. This is a great way to keep track of how each child is progressing and each student’s data is right at my finger tips…since lesson plan binders have to stay on the desk open at all times. This picture is the best picture I can find to show how I organize the data. Each child gets their own tab and their data goes behind the tabs.

I am currently in the process of creating themed binders with all of my printables and hard copies for different themes. I was in heaven when I stumbled upon Mrs. Terhunes Blog. She has an AMAZING organized classroom. I may have even drooled over her organization. So if you need some inspiration for your classroom organizational needs…check her out :) This is my resolution for the new year. Get it ALL organized.

And for all you bloggers and TPT extraordinaires out there, I wanted to show you how I organize my clipart. I have changed this system a million times so far, but I think I have finally found a system that works the best for my OCD. I have a folder labled clipart and within that folder I have folders for different themes and seasons.


Within each of those folders, I have it broken down into Clipart/Elements, frames, alphas, and digital papers and then within each of those folders I have it broken down by artist.

This method allows me to find clipart easily and allows me to have a narrowed search for what I am looking for. When you start accumulating clipart, it is easy to forget what all you have, so having it all organized allows you to see what you have for a specific theme and helps you miss less of your clipart.

Another thing I keep very organized is my Pinterest boards. You may even call me OCD about them. They are all alphabetized and organized by topics/type of board they are.  When I first started Pinterest I had general teaching boards and general house boards. That became too much of hassle to go through every time I was looking for something specific. So I got down to work and moved everything into separate neat alphabatized and organized boards. Victory :)


Well I will leave you at that, but I could be here all day telling you about all of my quirky things I do to keep organized. I once thought I would go into organizing for a job…maybe someday :) I am off to ice or heat or do something to my shoulder. (Fell down the stairs the other day and it hurts like CA-RA-ZE!!! Eeek!!! ) Have a great rest of your weekend.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your fall down the stairs! Ouch!

    And - love the tips on how you organize your clipart. I'm starting to accumulate a lottttt and need a system!

    Smiles - Lisa
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